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Message From Principal Holden

  Topic:  Preparing For The Future

Greetings!  Believe it or not it is that time of year again here at Liberty. We are beginning the process of transitioning our beloved 8th graders to Patton High School.  The future is bright for our students and it is important that we as parents, students and educators remain focused on present tasks while preparing for the road ahead.  Our 8th grade students have just completed the registration process for the 9th grade.  Mrs. LeCroy, the 8th grade teachers, and guidance counselors from both schools worked diligently to enroll our students in the appropriate classes for their chosen course of study.  We need to remember to be realistic with expectations concerning choice of college, technical or trade schools, military and other options.  About 39% of PHS graduates attend a 4 year college; 48% attend community college; 3% military and 10% join the workforce. I believe it most important that we don't stress out our students with unrealistic expectations.  A certain amount of stress is appropriate and productive as a motivation.  However, many students go through school without enjoying the journey along the way!  Fortunately Burke County Public Schools presents a variety of opportunities for students to sample along the way such as Burke Middle College, the STEAM Academy, College and Career Promise program and hopefully soon, a school of Math and Science.  If you have questions about your child's choice of career pathway, please contact the Liberty or Patton administration or guidance department.  Good luck and encourage your child to finish strong this school year!