Liberty's Science Fair Winners and Speech Contest Winners !

posted Nov 18, 2015, 1:04 PM by Liberty Middle School   [ updated Nov 20, 2015, 4:39 AM ]
All of the following Science Fair winners will compete at the Appalachian State University Science Fair! Congratulations students for your hard work! Thank you Science teachers for your great support!

Category: Biological A  
1st: Dorian G.   Hydroponics vs. Soil
2nd: Lauren C.  Are You a Five-Second Fool?    

Category: Biological B
1st: Madison C.  Fun In The Sun: A Study of Sunscreen Effectiveness
2nd: Caitlyn E.    Green or Red?

Category: Chemistry
1st: Jackson C.    Does Mint Actually Cool Things Down?

Category: Earth/Environmental Science
1st: Ransom Vance   The Campfire

Category: Engineering
2nd: Gabrielle W.   Optimum Bridge Design

Category: Physics
1st: Joey S.         Take a Shot At Newton's Laws
3rd: Carson P.   Light Absorption

Category: Technology
1st: Olivia G. & Reece F.   
Can You Block a Cell Phone Signal With Fabric?

Liberty's Speech Contest Winners

Congratulations to the following Speech Contest Winners:

Prose Category:
1st Place- Owen S.
​2nd Place- Bailey T.
3rd Place- Meredith K.

​Poetry Category:
1st Place- Ethany P.
2nd Place- Hannah P.
3rd Place- Erika W.

Duo Category:
1st Place- Calli W. & Taylor H.
2nd Place- Skye S. & Emma S.
3rd Place- Katie C. & Monique W.

Original Category:
1st Place- Sully S.
2nd Place- Ayah I.

Recited Category:
1st Place- Emma P.
2nd Place- Dorian G.
3rd Place- Skylar G.