posted Nov 10, 2015, 1:30 PM by Liberty Middle School   [ updated Nov 19, 2015, 1:45 PM ]
Liberty Thanks Their Veterans:  Mr. Frazier and Mr. Brown!

Students Zachary F. and Garren T. write this poem in honor of all veterans on Veteran's Day.

Thank a Veteran

By Zachary F. and Garren T.

They have been fought here

They have been fought there

They have been fought in just about everywhere

With a sword and knife

From plane to ship

With grenades strapped to their hip

It’s not a movie or make believe

These men and women get hurt and bleed.

They lose their limbs, their sight and sound,

Spend most their time fighting from the ground.

Months on the go, no family around

People like this could not be found.

From the big city, to small, small towns

These selfless soldiers can be found.

Why do they do it some may ask,

Looking at the flag half mast

Not for the money, fame, or glory

It’s not for a different type of story.

Belief in something more than words

They fight with grit, with force and nerves

They defend this country more than we deserve

So when you wake and look around,

Think of those freedoms and when they’re found

On the backs of troops worldwide

We should always be by their side.

So thank a veteran,

Show the love.